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Employment screening means, essentially, checking out a job candidate’s background. Is the person he claims, with qualifications stated in a resume or job application? Do candidates have criminal beliefs or quality or other disqualified problems?

It’s easy to complete the current job screening – a few mouse clicks will give you an online report about anyone through one of the hundreds of  employment screening companies out there. But, frankly, many filtering services offered online are at a glance and, well, unreliable.

Employing the wrong person can be an expensive mistake, and not only financially. The employer’s reputation is on track every time an employee interacts with clients, members of the general public and other staff. 

There are several reasons why employers must filter potential employees:

– To ensure staff security and clients;

– To prevent theft and use of unauthorized confidential information;

– To avoid being a victim of identity theft;

– Some positions require certain qualifications or experiences;

– To confirm legal rights for work status;

– To ensure the right “mix” of the skills and behavior;

– To reduce audit exposure and government penalty;

– To avoid accountability for recruitment errors that are negligible – when employers fail to take adequate precautions against a person whose background can cause an estimated risk of injury;

– Certain people are not suitable for certain jobs – for example people with previous beliefs for sex related crimes is not suitable for working with children, and people with previous fraud beliefs may not be suitable to work as a financial consultant.

When the reputation, financial security, and personal safety of staff and clients are on the phone, the responsible businessman knows that they need confidence and peace of mind that comes from the use of industry leaders – Labor filtering services.