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It may not be known to many people, but taking good care of tires can prevent thousands of accidents each year. As the seasons change, you may be at greater risk in dangerous weather if your tires are not kept in top condition.

Is your vehicle equipped with the correct tires?

This may sound obvious, but it is important that you check your manual to make sure you have installed the correct tires. Always install cooper tyres from with the same specifications as the original tires.

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Home Inspection:

Your tires can be inspected at home. Most problems can only be determined by looking and feeling the tires. You should look for gaps, bumps, scratches, and tears in the tires. Objects such as nails and stones can also cause damage if punctured or stuck in the profile. If you find a tire problem, please contact your dealer or repair shop so that the tire is repaired or replaced immediately.


Wheel misalignment can cause rapid tire uneven wear and affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. The wheel settings set by your vehicle manufacturer ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. Often times, this arrangement can be affected by over-wearing steering and suspension components, driving on the curb, or hitting potholes. This is an important part of keeping your tires in top condition. This should be checked regularly by a specialist.